Royston Colbourne

Vice President, Risk Solutions

Royston Colbourne is Vice President at the CKR Global group of companies and joined the firm in 2004. He serves on the board of CKR Global. He is the Vice President, of the Risk Solutions Division of the company.

Royston is a licensed Security Consultant and his practice focus is on risk mitigation in the private and public sectors and provides expert consultancy on matters of risk mitigation strategy, high-risk security, critical infrastructure, and counter terrorism.

As a consultant with CKR Global his current projects include petro-chemical, mining and critical infrastructure clients. He has worked on projects for The Federal Government in respect of threats and vulnerability. He carries our threat risk and vulnerability surveys both in Canada and abroad. He is involved in threat mitigation for high profile individuals and manages active protection files.

Prior to joining CKR Global Royston was a Senior Police Officer at Scotland Yard. During his 30 years in policing he has carried out a wide range of duties which included significant involvement in major event planning, contingency planning and major incident management. At the point of retirement from policing he was the Superintendent responsible for mitigation at Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorist Branch. He has lived and worked in Canada since 2003. As a senior manager he was involved in hundreds of events and serious incidents and has advised foreign governments on specific security related issues, this has equipped him to bring considerable experience to the private sector.

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