CKR Screening

CKR Screening

Screening is an essential component in today’s recruitment process.  It allows you to make an informed hiring decision.  CKR Screening executes thousands of transactions annually for levels of government and many organizations, delivering unbiased results and factual information.   Our educated work force and world class technology gather, assemble & deliver accurate information from over 190 countries!

CKR Screening offers a wide range of services and background checking solutions that we can custom tailor to meet your corporate and personal needs.


- Criminal Record Checks                 – Credit Bureau Inquiries

- Driver Abstract                              – Education & Professional Verifications

- Identity Verifications                    – International Screening Solutions

- Employment Verification               – Reference Interviews & Verifications


Industry leading technical infrastructure to ensure quality of service

  • Forgery-Proof Delivery
  • Data Security
  • Physical Security
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Proprietary Phone System
  • Online Ordering & ATS Integration
  • Disaster Recovery


CKR Screening will adapt a screening program to fit your company’s needs

  • Privacy Compliant
  • Quality Service & Client Care
  • Industry Leading Turnaround Time
  • Depth of Experience
  • Global Reach
  • Quality Assurance


  • e-Consent
  • Paper & Fax
  • Secure Results Delivery
  • ID Verification available at Canada Post

Results are delivered online in real-time – as we receive calls back from References, Previous Employers, or Schools, we post that information to your account.  We can even send you quick notices as new information comes in, so you have up to the minute results.

  • Initiated Effortlessly – As simple as sending an email to your applicant
  • Completely Secure – Results are provided only to those contacts you authorize
  • Privacy Compliant – Consent forms are customized to your organization
  • Forgery-proof – Applicants can`t alter results
  • Easy to use – We can have you up and running within 1 business day

eConsent allowing for faster turnaround times across all services:

  • With mandatory fields, we get the right information the first time from the candidate, thereby minimizing delays to start a check.
  • When candidates fill out eConsent from home, we find they take the time to provide thorough information, thus minimizing the need to go back to you, our client to ask for additional information.
  • By giving references with the Option to interact with us online or by telephone, we are seeing reference turnaround time drop from 3-5 days down to about 36 hours.

How does it work?

  1. Login to a secure website to initiate a background check. Simply provide CKR Screening with basic information about your candidate (their name and email address) and select a service package.
  2. Your candidate receives an email invitation to complete their online consent form. From anywhere, your candidate can complete consent forms.
  3. eConsent creates an online document replicating our paper consent forms which contain your candidate’s information.

Canada Post

Now your candidate can have their ID verified anywhere in Canada by visiting their nearest participating Canada Post location!

  • Canada Post has over 5000 locations nationwide.
  • Individuals can select the location closest to them.
  • ID verification will be completed at no cost to the individual.
  • Criminal Record Checks may be completed entirely off-site!

How Does It Work?

  1. After providing online consent, ID verification is completed at a local Canada Post retail outlet.
  2. Canada Post witnesses the consent, scans ID, and sends it instantly to CKR Screening.
  3. CKR Screening conducts the Criminal Record Check and delivers results securely to a password-protected account.


Got risk?

CKR Global is Canada’s premier provider of Risk Mitigation & Investigation services. We provide innovative solutions that reduce risk, minimize loss and increase human safety, enabling our clients to function at their fullest potential.